Jun19 to Jul31


12:00 am


Be the author of your own history in the new writing class, Write Memory: Intro to Memoir. In this online class through The Loft Literary Center, participants are encouraged to take back their story. There's what happened to us and then there's what we make of what's happened. 

This class is for anyone interested in exploring foundational storytelling techniques that can help bring true-life stories alive on the page. Discussions, writing exercises, and peer and teaching artist feedback will help beginning memoirists explore aspects of craft through the telling of your own story. We will generate new work with a focus on a different aspect of craft each week: plot and structure, characterization, conflict, setting, dialogue, and context. Each week you have the opportunity to submit up to 500 words for peer and instructor feedback and participate in a live chat. By the end of class, you have the opportunity to receive feedback on an additional 2,000 words.

We will read excerpts from old and new classic craft books including The Situation and the Story by Vivian Gornick, The Art of Memoir by Mary Karr, How Dare We Write! edited by Sherry Quan Lee as well as excerpts from recent bestselling memoirs including All You Can Ever Know by Nicole Chung, What Drowns the Flowers in Your Mouth by Rigoberto Gonzalez, Educated by Tara Weston. We will not be reading these books cover to cover as a class, though you are welcome to read them on your own.

June 19 - July 31, 2019
6 weeks

Online class at the Loft Literary Center

Teaching Artist
Award-winning writer Glenda Reed

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[email protected]
(612) 379 - 8999 (education line at the Loft Literary Center)

Teaching Artist
Glenda Reed is an award-winning, feminist writer, artist, educator, and adventurer. She's received funding from the Jerome Foundation, the McKnight Foundation, the Barbara Deming Memorial Fund, and the National Endowment for the Arts among others. Her work has appeared in Creative Nonfiction and The Best Travel Writing. Glenda is also a winner of The Moth StorySLAM. Her in-progress memoir follows the years she set out to sail around the world by hitchhiking on sailboats. At a time when the backlash against women’s social progress and feminism is at a peak, Reed is writing her own true life story of one woman who charted her own course for adventure (GlendaReed.com).

The Loft Literary Center
Founded in 1974 (incorporated in 1975), the Loft is a haven for readers and writers; one of the largest centers of its kind in the country. Our mission is to advance the artistic development of writers, foster a thriving literary community, and inspire a passion for literature. For more on the Loft, visit: www.loft.org

Prefer to take an in-person class? Glenda is also teaching an 8-week course through the Loft, Find the Meaning in Your Memoir. Your know what happened, but what is your memoir really about? And how do you gain the perspective to answer this question? In-class writing excerises and discussions help provide the tools writers can use to find the answers to these questions. For more info: 


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