7:00 pm


Plymouth Congregational Church

1900 Nicollet Ave S

Join James P. Lenfestey in celebration of his forthcoming collection of poems, A MARRIAGE BOOK, which Robert Hedin calls "a book of transcendence, of celebration." Co-sponsored by Literary Witnesses, catering will be provided by author Beth Dooley. Books provided byBirchbark Books and Native Arts.

From James P. Lenfestey, a collection of poems that lends delicacy and gentle humor to durable, long-lasting love.

Writing love poems fifty years into a marriage is no easy task: “If he exaggerates his love, she’ll know . . . And if his desire for her is undiminished, / who would believe?” But in A MARRIAGE BOOK, Lenfestey meets his own challenge with aplomb. These poems drop readers into the rich, textured world of one couple’s enduring intimacy, from the warmth of a bedroom occupied by two to squabbles over miscommunications and crumbs in the kitchen.

As the marriage (and the Book) transition into parenthood, Lenfestey illuminates the equally stalwart wonder of observing one’s children as they age and develop. Paternal love persists—and is even fed by—watching his children argue, suffer their own mistakes, and roar horrible breath at breakfast. “So much poetry is about storms, / bruised fruit, locusts eating everything,” he writes. “This poem is about a harvest that satisfies.”

A MARRIAGE BOOK is a collection that essences the magic from the household quotidian, creating a technicolor portrait of a vibrant and dynamic family.

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