6:00 pm




Celebrate Winter Solstice by bringing in light and sound for a special workshop and ceremonial evening.

Create your own luminary along with a New Year prosperity shaker jar.Walk the evergreen labyrinth and bring our luminaries to life as we light the longest and darkest night of the year, all while drumming with intention. (All activities are indoors)


Included in the evening: 
• Lantern instruction & materials Light snacks and hot solstice beverage
• Ceremonial bag and prosperity shaker to take home
• Frame drums during spiral walk 
• Light refreshments


Led by: 
Cheri Bunker (drumming & sound healing facilitator
Denise Rouleau (mixed media artist and director of Art Pharm)

Symbolic Ceremony:

Winter Solstice, or midwinter, is the turning point in the year when the days become their shortest and the night its longest. It’s a time for quiet preparation as we seek the light that comes from within. We will begin our evening by creating rustic twig luminaries so that we may release light into the longest night of the year and climb out of the darkness during our spiral walk ceremony.

The formation of our evergreen spiral represents the seasonal rhythms as well as the reflective journey we take to find our own inner “light.” The beginning of the path marks the summer solstice. As we spiral inward through the labyrinth with our lanterns and drumming, we move towards and through autumn, where the days grow shorter. The center of the spiral symbolizes winter solstice: the darkest time of the year. Here we pause at the center before we spiral back outward through spring toward the summer solstice.

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