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Set amongst in a field of color we call TINT. An exhibition created by juxtaposition of forms that collide in a way that transcends reason and thought, encouraging the viewer to be present and experience the immediacy of the moment.

BRUSH|REED is a collaboration between artist and musician to explore the parallels of painting and sound through live performance. BRUSH|REED engages an audience through color, pitch, representational lines, rhythm, intensity and expression: an auralvisual experience.

Brush | Reed
Thursday May 23rd, Doors 7pm, $5
Featuring Linnea Maas & Dr. Jennifer Bill

The artists join together to explore the parallels between painting and music via live stage performances. Jennifer transforms the printed notes of her musical score into lush soundscapes, Linnea further interprets the music into visual color and form on her fresh canvas.The live art that blooms at every BRUSH|REED performance captivates and moves audiences. The paintings that emerge establish a visual memory of the sights, sounds, and emotions of each intimate affair, impressing upon each audience member a feeling of symbiosis between the two disciplines presented to them.

BRUSH|REED was conceived in the Summer of 2008 on a warm, humid afternoon in Minneapolis, when the painter and musician—both originally from the area and friends since 1995—were brainstorming a way to fuse their respective arts. BRUSH|REED emerged as an experience designed to cross disciplines, unite their passions, and highlight the close relationship between music and visual arts for audiences around the world.

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