10:00 am


Chicago Avenue Fire Arts Center

3749 Chicago Avenue


CAFAC's 3rd Annual RedHot Art Market!

Let our fires and spirits warm you as we enjoy a winter wonderland at the Chicago Avenue Fire Arts Center. This is a day meant to fuel community as we mingle with friends old and new, support our local artisans, give that scholarship fund a little boost and find some unique gifts for all of our loved ones. Celebrate love, life, and a great community of talented artists December 15th., 10am-6pm.

Featured Artists:
Mat West , Beth Onward, Kathleen Crook, Angela Woosley, Kathleen Kvern, Gina Germ, Shelly Thrall Jewelry, Mary Ila Duntemann, Lisa Lardy, Holly Vrieze Murray, Becca Cerra, Brad Buxton, Jessica Bergman-Tank, Ashley Schilling, Cicada Moon, Emily Madland, Emilie Henthorne, Pete Segar, Linda Seebauer Hansen, Jenn Angell, Brianna Capra, Kelly Newcomer, Gail Katz-James, Leo Farley, Grant McFarland, Lucy Brusic, Deb Francisco-Ferrell, dba FranciscoFerrellArt, Jon Ault, Gita Ghei, Sara Hanson, Cassie Rebman, Angela Davis and Samantha Leopold-Sullivan

MN Artists