6:00 pm


Highpoint Center for Printmaking

912 West Lake Street

Date: Thursday, October 24; 6-9pm
Ages: 18+; for students with intaglio experience
Cost: $30
Registration: Deadline is October 17
Enrollment: Maximum 20; minimum 10
Instructor: Grace Sippy
*This course is designed for students with previous intaglio printmaking experience.

Chine-collé is an important technique to have as part of one’s printmaking gamut. Not only is it integral for achieving certain marks in intaglio, it also has a wide variety of applications beyond its conventional use. In printmaking chine-collé means “to bond”, and is a technique traditionally associated with intaglio printmaking. It is the process of concurrently printing onto and bonding a thinner sheet of paper onto a heavier sheet. Printing on light-weight paper enables the artist to pick up finer, more delicate detail from an intaglio plate—this can make a big difference in capturing the subtle nuances possible in the visual spectrum of intaglio. Chine-collé is also a simple way to add color to a print, and gives the print a unique overall presentation. This method can also be applied to other printmaking disciplines, such as lithography, digital inkjet, relief, and more. This lecture/demo will introduce how to mix rice paste in preparation for chine-collé, paper preparation, and application (with intaglio). The instructor will also briefly cover how to use this technique with other printmaking disciplines, where it may not be possible to attain the correct pressure to concurrently print and bond, such as in lithography or digital printing. Time permitting, other chine-collé methods will be addressed, such as custom shapes.

About the instructor: Grace grew up in small-town Iowa the only artist in a family of scientists, medical professionals, and engineers. She earned her BFA from the University of Iowa, and an MFA in Printmaking at the University of Alberta. Grace has taught at the University of Alberta and the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, as well as various workshops and demonstrations.
As Assistant Professor at the University of Wisconsin_stevens Point, Grace taught introductory through advanced level printmaking courses, and she has experience teaching each of the main printmaking disciplines.
Chine-Collé is Grace’s “bread and butter” and has been used in about 90% of her work. In her most recent body of prints, Syzygy, she made it a personal rule to use chine-collé sparingly, so as to mix up her methodology and try some new things. Already familiar with the use of tone in lithography, as a visiting artist at MIAD’s Monothon in 2018, Grace learned of the material’s capabilities in screenprinting. Since becoming a member at Highpoint, she has been experimenting with and perfecting the use of toner ins her screenprints. Generally her work is inspired by psychoanalysis and an interest in seeing what is possible in printmaking as a field, often creating hybrid prints.

Registration may be completed by calling Highpoint at 612-871-1326 or emailing [email protected]. Registrations are finalized upon receipt of payment.
If payment is not received within one business week your place in the class will not be reserved.

Are you, or a friend or family member a veteran looking for art experiences in a relaxed, supportive workshop environment?  Highpoint is now offering free classes for veterans.  HP will reserve one free slot in each adult class for a veteran, as long as you call HP and register prior to the class sign up deadline. (please identify yourself as a veteran when you call to register).

Image: Grace Sippy, Mirror Between Two Walls, digital inkjet, etching, aquatint, drypoint, embossment, and chine collé

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