Designed by social practice artist and community organizer Su Legatt, DISH is an event-based creative research project focused on mining rural Minnesota culture by sharing and recording personal moments that collectively define this region’s diverse culture.


Participants bring an ancestral or family dish to the event. Each dish is archived through photography and the collection of recipe cards. These will be shared publicly online and through future exhibitions and events.


During their meal, participants gather to engage in a open discussion about Minnesota culture, stereotypes, rural Minnesota’s evolving demographics, and personal experiences that collectively make up the true Minnesota identity. 


Potlucks are a simple custom that seems to transcend political affiliations, economic status, religious orientation, and all other social demographics. While the culture of rural communities is constantly changing, the simple gathering of humans around food, is not. However, the influence of technology as a driving force for communication and professional lifestyles requiring repeated moves have altered our ability for casual discourse at an accelerated pace, directly affecting our immediate communities. This project will bring people together for intimate exchange and preserve private moments, collectively building the foundation of the Minnesotan identity, all while building new communities and strengthening existing networks. 


More information about this project can be found at:

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