Dodging Bullets, the first of its kind documentary film on Historical Trauma to offer two Special Advance Screenings at the Mpls/St. Paul Film Festival 

Monday, Apr 16 / 7:00 PM / St. Anthony Main Theatre 2 – Minneapolis, MN

Thursday, Apr 19 / 6:45 PM / Metro State University, Film Space, Founders Hall, – St. Paul, MN

The documentary is the first to chronicle the impact of historical trauma on the lives of Native peoples today, giving voice to their stories of survival and resilience in the face of multigenerational pain and grief.

Co-directed by a group of Native and non-Native filmmakers, the documentary makes clear that the trauma of colonization remains deeply embedded in Native communities. Part of healing this trauma is dependent upon non-Native people recognizing not only past brutality but also understanding the ongoing racism and disenfranchisement faced by Native communities today.

The documentary takes the viewer on a journey between the past and present, beginning with first contact and the derogatory stereotypes of racist mascots and the movement to change the Washington football team’s name. It then moves to the horror of Indian boarding schools and forced assimilation, the ongoing violation of treaty rights and the prevalence of police violence and suicide on reservations. The film ends with a powerful testament to the healing taking place across Indian Country.

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