Oct01 to Dec17


6:30 pm



It’s been a record-breaking year for class enrollment, and we’re excited for our upcoming fall quarter! In addition to our many cornerstone courses in cinema production, screenwriting, editing, animation, and photography, FilmNorth is offering:

The Screen & The Female Gaze (Jila Nikpay)
Framing & Composition (Abdul Rahman Sakr)
Working on a Film Set (Abdul Rahman Sakr)
The Reality of Reality TV (Bo Kaprall)
The Balance: Finding & Maintaining Your Artistic Mojo (Ron Morris)
The Dynamic Portrait (Ted Hall)
Moving Through the November Light (Deborah Meyer)

Click here for the complete fall schedule. FilmNorth offers tuition discounts to members, plus a low-income price for all classes for both members and non-members. There are also a limited number of scholarships available to those experiencing financial hardship. Contact Education Director Reilly Tillman for more info.

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