Oct01 to Oct26


4:00 pm

The act of sewing is stitched throughout Wilkins' work. Historically, sewing has been labeled as “women’s work”. As a man, he encourages the viewer to question privilege, what is “valued” work and how does it fit in a global context? Working with familiar materials, he strives to make art that inspires critical thinking and encourages inward reflection. He is committed to using art as a platform for participants to consider how behavior impacts societal norms and the environment.

Through reconstruction, imagination, and collage, Wilkins reinterprets his creative process by building layers of paint, embroidery thread, graphite, ink, et al. He takes a photograph, image, or idea and divorce it from the whole. The enhanced elements transform into something new, a revelation of the original. He encourages the viewer to reflect on societal issues – poverty, justice, the environment, etc.

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