Apr09 to Apr27


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About the Exhibition
The Katherine E. Nash Gallery at the University of Minnesota presents The House | The Yard, a group exhibition of eight artists about to complete their Master of Fine Arts degree in the Department of Art at the University of Minnesota. The exhibition includes works by Katayoun Amjadi, Adam Kirk, Nina O’Leary, Anna Orbovich, Sarah Sampedro, Emily Swanberg, Anna Van Voorhis, and Asia Ward. Exhibition runs April 9-27, 2019. More info at z.umn.edu/nash.

Saturday, April 13, 2019
Program | 5:30 - 6:00 PM | InFlux Auditorium E110
Reception | 6:00 - 9:00 PM | Regis East Lobby
Free and open to the public

Influenced by the visual language of screens and the role of metaphor in images, Kirk’s often surreal paintings invite the viewer to make meaning rather than prescribing answers. In her mixed media representations of quotidian cultural symbols, Amjadi combines a pictorial heritage of the past with the language of contemporary art. Exploring themes of identity and anxiety through photography, O’Leary represents the indigenous resilience of her family through images of true contentment. Orbovich’s desire to explore the wildness of earth and harness its materials—iron, rust, salt—results in images and objects that examine our complicated relationship with the environment. Using indoor cyanotype exposures on paper, Van Voorhis documents the light moving across the everyday objects of her kitchen and assembles those prints into tactile sculptures. Sampedro’s use of objects and photography investigates the space between people and how individuals and groups hold, use, and transfer power. In her refabrication of materials, Swanberg performs the intimacy of building labor and frustrates systematic construction processes. Acknowledging that plastics have their own agency, Ward’s sculptural installation questions how we coexist with these materials and how they continuously shape our world.

Accessibility, Cost, and Parking
Parking is available nearby on the street, at the 21st Avenue South ramp, and at the 5th Street South lot; hourly or event rates apply. All parking listed above and the Regis Center for Art are wheelchair-accessible. Exhibitions and related events are free and open to the public.

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