Reception and panel discussion: November 15th 8:30-9am-meet and greet 9-11am reception, panel discussion


Inside Voices is a unique exhibit originally organized by MacRostie Art Center in collaboration with the Minnesota Department of Corrections.  Individuals who are currently incarcerated and have taken art classes through the education program at the Minnesota Correctional Facility in St. Cloud were invited to submit works for the exhibition.

Mike Lambrecht, art instructor at MCF-St. Cloud provides technical direction and guidance to the students in the art program.  He also leads them through a number of different projects that allow for creative expression and reflection.  One such exercise, “Scribble Drawings,” is described by a participant:

“In class, we do an assignment where we close our eyes, listen to calm music and scribble on a blank piece of paper for a few minutes.  Then when we are done we show it to the teacher and he pulls a story out of our scribble and the crazy thing is, the story is a true story about our lives, things I never told the teacher before.”

Several of the pieces in the Inside Voices exhibit were created through the Scribble Drawings exercise, and each tells a story of the artist’s life.  Other works include landscapes, portraits, and abstract paintings.  Both the artists and their instructor, Lambrecht, see tremendous value in the art program, which provides a creative outlet, coping mechanism, and constructive way to use time.

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