Nov11 to Dec06


5:00 pm



615 W Lake St


Join us Saturday, November 11th from 5-8p.m. for an artist reception welcoming the the illustration work of Jay Wu and new sculpture by Brittany Trushin. 

Jay Wu presents "The World-Metamorphosis", a series that depicts an imagined Utopia. These environments use elements from nature that walk between unreality and reality. Impossible worlds illustrated onto paper. Jay Wu is a recent graduate of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. He believes that design and illustration is another language and a form of narration. Influenced by his Chinese culture, he focuses strongly on narrative and concept. He strives to tell the stories from his imagination through his passion for illustration.

Brittany Trushin's work explores the presence of a subtle, elusory place that exists between fear and beauty. Perplexed by the collective ingenuity and inadequacy of humankind; her work explores the continual rebuilding, patching, repairing, adding on and reinventing of both human and natural landscapes. Brittany is constantly distilling the landscapes around her, collecting a pastiche of lines, shapes, textures and patterns. Her sculpture, vignettes and installations reorganize and reinvent these landscapes, examining a fragile patchwork of creation, destruction, dependence and total awe.

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