Any group of people can participate in this event however English classes, Drawing classes and groups learning about stranger awareness or bullying seem well suited to it.

I bring paper, colored markers and pens. I explain the concept of making love in traffic and invite participants to write down and or draw their real life experiences when they were treated with kindness by a stranger or when they themselves inititated a positive interaction with strangers in public. After the writing and drawing time I ask participants to share by reading what they wrote or elaborating verbally on their story and to show their drawing. 

It's a simple activity with postive results. The benefits are:  Writing, Drawing and verbal communication skills practiced, sharing positive true stories that inspire altruism, being seen and heard, connecting with new people being creative in a safe intimate way. Participants discover through sharing true stories of kindness, love and compassion that it's possible, that people do care about each other, even if they've never met before.     

MN Artists