Jul18 to Aug17


4:00 pm


Me + You is a show about relationships. This can be interpreted in many ways. Would you like to explore your relationship with another person (family, friends, enemies, etc) or with food, music, or with a new medium? This theme can go in many different directions, but must discuss something you directly have a relationship with and how it affects you.

Me + You will be held at the Hallberg Center for the Arts in Wyoming, MN. It is a beautiful location with great space for 2D and 3D work, as well as, a stage and audio equipment. 

About W.A.R.M.
Women's Art Resources of Minnesota
July 2019 at the Hallberg Center for the Arts

WARM connects emerging and professional women artists, encouraging them to create and exhibit art and to increase their participation in the art world.

As a catalyst for women artists to assist each other in achieving their goals, WARM promotes and provides advocacy and assistance for its member’s projects. Membership is open to all who support WARM’s mission, whether you are an artist or not.



by Alis Olsen

WARM was established in 1973 by a group of women artists who found themselves underrepresented in the art world–in gallery exhibitions, as professors in academia, and in art history books. Created as a cooperative, WARM members supported one another in order to bring women to the forefront of their local art community.

The WARM Mentor Program, founded in 1982, is a supportive resource that pairs emerging and professional women artists for two years. WARM also provides the WARM Mentor Intensive Program, a goal- or project-based program open to all artists seeking a one-on-one mentorship for a period lasting one to three months.

In 1976, WARM opened a gallery in the Minneapolis Warehouse District. This gallery space provided opportunities for women artists to exhibit work which explored otherwise taboo subjects around sex and gender. Throughout its existence, the gallery held many highly successful and visible exhibitions of work by WARM artists and nationally recognized women artists. Since then, WARM, with the support of volunteers has continued to offer exhibition and programming to meet the changing needs of women artists.

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