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TuckUnder Projects is pleased to announce the solo exhibitionNemesis, featuring the work of Nathan Coutts; the Leaky Sink Gallery exhibition Mary Gibney/Peep Show; along with the firstphase of the exterior Raspberry Patch Residency by Laura BiggerAn opening reception will take place at TuckUnder Projects Thursday, May 29, 6-9 p.m. The exhibitions run from Thursday, May 29 – Sunday, June 22, with unstructured hours Wednesday through Sunday, and by appointment. Please email [email protected] to confirm open hours. TuckUnder Projects is located at 5120 York Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN, USA 55410. For further information, visit

Nemesis is a solo curatorial exhibition of recent work presented by artist/curator Nathan Coutts. His work utilizes the simplest of means to address wide sweeping themes such as paradox, freedom, and belief. For his first solo exhibit in Minneapolis at TuckUnder, Coutts utilizes minimal materiality and questions the artistic labor, spatial objectivity, and behavioral repetition manifested within the creation process.

Nathan Coutts (1971, Cambridge, OH) is a recent transplant to Minneapolis from New York City where he worked as an artist as well as in a professional capacity with the Andrea Rosen Gallery. Coutts attended both the Art Academy of Cincinnati and the University of Akron, Ohio. His work has been exhibited in both New York and Paris. Coutts recently curated You Must Stand This While Reading There at the David Petersen Gallery, Minneapolis, and past curatorial projects at the Andrea Rosen Gallery. Coutts presently works as Program Director at Midway Contemporary Art, Minneapolis, and continues to plan future curatorial projects in the Twin Cities. His work can be viewed at

TuckUnder Projects is thrilled to reveal the Leaky Sink Gallery exhibition Mary Gibney/Peep Show. Mary Gibney has a fascination with sideshow artists and circus freaks and portrays them in an empathetic manner, yet understands that their otherness is what initially compels her to paint them. For the Leaky Sink Gallery, Gibney will exhibit artwork created from her current obsession with sideshow freaks and the Half-Man Half-Woman, who was a standard performer in the world of Dime Museums and Circus Sideshows. These paintings, often based on late 19th & early 20th century photographs, move beyond otherness touching upon voyeurism, titillation and our own sense of self-defined gender and sexuality. Within her handmade works in Peep Show, Gibney creates a fun, entertaining atmosphere that is slightly weird and creepy, as well as socially secretive and psychologically suggestive.

Mary Gibney (1955, Minneapolis, MN) is a Minneapolis based artist who paints portraits inspired by vintage photographs from multiple sources. Gibney received her BFA from the University of Minnesota, and has exhibited her work at local and national venues, including SooVisual Arts, One on One Bicycle, and Banfil Locke Center for the Arts. Gibney has painted a wide range of two-dimensional works inclusive of police mug shots, Negro League baseball players, wrestlers, taxidermied animals, old storefronts, hand painted signs, nightclub performers and street bystanders. Gibney illuminates her fascination with otherness and invites us to experience an emotional connection with her people. She currently works within the University of Minnesota libraries and her work can be viewed at

TuckUnder Projects is also delighted to announce the first phase of Laura Bigger’s five-month outdoor residency, Raspberry Patch (the product). For TuckUnder’s 2014 season, the site’s raspberry patch will be the agricultural source of a short-lived line of raspberry-based food and drink, fittingly titled Raspberry Patch Goods. These homemade products will be served exclusively to TuckUnder visitors at opening receptions. From raspberry leaf tea to pie and jam, these treats emphasize local food (grown at least partly in the art gallery’s own yard) to an almost humorous degree. Still, Raspberry Patch is a genuine nod toward the art of growing, preparing, and serving food. 

Laura Bigger (1986, Boulder, CO) is a multimedia artist whose work explores the relationships that exist among humans, animals, and ecosystems, particularly in terms of the food chain, material goods, and the human tendency to exert control over natural systems. Bigger received her MFA in Printmaking at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, where she currently resides. She is also an active member of Crescent Collective, an art and architecture-based collaboration that investigates cultivating food and greenery in unexpected urban spaces using custom hydroponic systems. Her work can be viewed at

Leaky Sink Gallery is an alternative, experimental backroom gallery housed in the half bath on the basement floor of TuckUnder Projects. The “loo” gallery has preexisting old-fashioned black/white advertising wallpaper, a tiled shower with soap scum and adhesive residue, two medicine cabinets, a shuttered window, three towel racks, and a drippy faucet/sink cabinet with a door that opens the wrong way. Despite the water shut off at its local pipe valve, the water still gently flows approximately one half gallon per day. Leaky Sink Gallery is an installationary spatial site of creative reflection and imaginary thought, personal discovery and sensory stimuli, and private contemplation of bodily fluid wonder.

TuckUnder Projects is a temporary, independent artist exhibition space and sculpture site located within the Fulton neighborhood of Southwest Minneapolis. As an alternative, hybridic home-based contemporary gallery, TuckUnder Projects specializes in unrecognized emerging artists and curatorial collaborators, tactical institutional critique, participatory initiatives and conceptual curatorial projects. Artistic quality at TuckUnder is based upon artist’s tactical aesthetics, participatory exchange, home economics, and conceptual fortitude rather than traditionally conservative art fair and gallery criteria.

For its third season of interior and exterior art exhibit programming, TuckUnder plans five platform exhibits that engage the local community with under recognized local and regional emerging artists and curators working in visual arts, video, site-specific sculpture and installation from May thru November 2014. Artists will collaborate with the unique 1950’s architectural environs, TuckUnder garage, fake butterflies and woodpecker, raspberry patch, and scenic overlook. This season’s exhibition and curatorial projects include the artists Nathan Coutts, Clea Felien, Samuel Bjorgum & Justine Di Fiore, Caroline Kent & Nate Young, Nick Vlcek; Leaky Sink Gallery artists Mary Gibney and Steven Lang; exterior projects by Julia Helen Rice, Melissa Borman, Aki Shibata, Amy Toscani; and Raspberry Patch Resident Laura Bigger.

TuckUnder Projects was created with the generous help of MRAC, Springboard for the Arts Incubator program, Driessen Water, and many individuals. TuckUnder Projects activity was funded, in part, by a 2014 Metropolitan Regional Arts Council Community Arts Grant, and by appropriations from the Minnesota State Legislature with money from the State's general fund, and its arts and cultural heritage fund that was created by a vote of the people of Minnesota on November 4, 2008.

Image: Nathan Coutts © 2014. Nemesis. Manipulated video still.

For further information: please contact Pete Driessen at [email protected], or

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