6:00 pm



On view September 20 - November 3
Opening Reception: Friday, October 11, 6 - 8 pm

Horror Vacui: Across the Margins is a celebration of visual excess, as much as it is also an examination of it and a reflection of our world. Every artist in the exhibition embraces visual texture, high contrast, and chromatic saturation to express layers of content. Any sampling of their surface work rewards the viewer with a tome of formal or narrative dialogue. The physical space will be divided into two spaces that will work in concert. An internal chamber, quiet with negative space, will provide mental and physical room for reflection. This “room” will be bounded by a narrow and visually dense external hallway, with walls bearing patterns designed by each maker. The works are paired with the intention of forcing a deliciously crowded conversation.

Learn more about Horror Vacui: https://www.northernclaycenter.org/exhibition/horror-vacui-across-margins

Alexis Gregg and Tanner Coleman are AnT Sculpture and Design, LLC. Their motto is, “Changing the way people think and interact with artwork one brick sculpture at a time!” As a collaborative team creating public art and architectural ceramics with brick and tile, they have worked in China, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia, Italy, Turkey, and at numerous locations in the US. They formed their company, in 2012, after four years and nearly a dozen large-scale public art works gave them the confidence to assert their experience with a viable business plan. As a team they are as aggressive in their play as they are in their work. Traveling with an active lifestyle, they soak up culture eagerly and infuse the landscapes they engage with permanent records of their presence.

Learn more about AnT Sculpture and Design: https://www.northernclaycenter.org/exhibition/ant-scuplture-and-design

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