Oct27 to Dec08


7:15 pm

Oct 27th – Dec 8, 2017
Pirsig Projects
734 E Lake St, Mpls 55407

Opening reception
Friday, Oct 27th, 6-9 PM
734 E. Lake St
Music by Aerosol Pike

After eleven years of running the Shoebox Gallery and a three year hiatus, artist and curator Sean Smuda is pleased to announce: Pirsig Projects, a new venture on the same block. The gallery is to the left of 734 E Lake St in a storefront window generously donated by the Pain Relief Centers.

Pirsig Projects honors the author, and native Minneapolitan, Robert Pirsig (1928-2017). His novel Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance was written in the Roberts Shoes building where the gallery is housed. Pirsig Projects’ inaugural exhibition, Lake Street Beat, will revolve around the book’s central theme: the Metaphysics of Quality.

"Quality," or "value," as described by Pirsig, exists as a perceptual experience before it is thought. Equating it with the Tao, he postulates that Quality is the fundamental force in the universe stimulating everything from atoms to animals to evolve. His prescient fusion of interests, like those of Keroauc’s (ZAMM and On the Road are frequently cited together) lead to the show title: Lake Street Beat.

BIENNALE BeInAlley, adjacent the gallery building on Lake St. hosts temporary political poster shows. Alt-Truth, its first exhibition, addresses the manipulation of information. This show is up until weather takes it down.

Ffi: [email protected]

Artists for Lake Street Beat and BIENNALE BeInAlley:

Frank Gaard

Alexa Horchowski

Jenny Schmid

David Lindberg

Justine Di Fiore

Ryan Fontaine

Xtian Gustafson

Daniel Kaniess

Lachlan Hinwood

Gudrun Lock

Abraham Renko

Sean Smuda

Amy Warner

MN Artists