6:00 pm


Alt Space

15 S. 5th St. , Skyway level

There are no finished artworks in this exhibit. Instead it showcases latency, possibilities, potential. The ‘objects’ presented (found objects, notes, sketches, prototypes, works in progress, collages, video segments, collections, etc.) will inspire and/or become finished works provided the artists can figure out how to make that happen. In alchemy terms, this exhibition shows you the base metals and mixtures that the artists hope will transform into gold.

Presenting objects in the latent stages of creation provides a unique opportunity for visitors to imagine as the artists do, before the final form is decided on and realized. It is a chance to be in the presence of things with potential, to pause a moment in the company of promise. Perhaps this exhibition extends to audiences the ‘environmentalism of the imagination’ that Mathew Zapruder refers to for poets in his book, Why Poetry where he discusses the importance of a creative space alive with possibilities because it is sheltered from critique and outside events.

The magic of art is often realized in its agency and without answers. This is certainly the case here, where even the form of that agency is up for speculation.  

MN Artists