Nov09 to Jan20


4:00 pm



In late 2016, Melissa Birch founded the Presidensity Project, a 4-year research residency addressing new normal through performance research & studio practice. The project builds on Birch’s reputation for delivering vanguard performance ahead of mainstream articulations.

Presidensity Project reconfigures the ephemeral impact of live performance into a series of material encounters inside the structured transparency of the work studio. We're measuring and developing elasticity in American identity. How does the voice of fashion entrain with new literary forms? Where is identity articulated?

On the day after the midterm election last week, 2 years into this project, we said Cool. That worked. Some of the last two years researched political response: to garbage, used clothing, rigging, rot. Melissa developed a voice training platform. And helped make a vagina show. 

2019 invites more platform research. Co-conspirators. Lots of studio time.


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