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PUBLIC MURAL 1MIN ANIMATION TORIDE welcomes submissions of animations to be projected on a wall at the East-West passageway of JR Toride train station. The animation projected in a public space will then be recognized as public art and by projecting it on a hypaethral wall it will act as a moving wall in the city. In order to expand the possibility of walls in public spaces and public art, we seek for animation art works within a minute from all over the world.

[Application Period] February 9, 2015 (Monday) – March 6, 2015 (Friday) *Application must arrive BEFORE 5PM (NOTE: JAPAN STANDARD TIME) *Applications must be viewable when uploaded

[Content] There is no fixed theme. All video works (Animation, Computer Graphic, Puppet, Clay, Stop Motion, etc.) except live-action films are accepted.

[Eligibility] - Each video piece must be within 1 minute - All nationalities, ages, amateurs or professionals, individuals or groups are eligible. - Past works presented elsewhere could be considered. - Participants, either individuals or groups, may submit a maximum of 3 works. - Entries can be made in either the artist’s name or group’s name, but the real name of the individual or group representative must be written in application form. - Works that have been or will be presented on TV or theaters are not eligible. - However, works that have received an award in the past are eligible. (NOTE: in this case, please write the name and date of the competition on the application form) - Entries are free - Data should be uploaded on Google Drive and the link should be shared. - Data size should not exceed 1GB - Data format should be in mov, avi, or mp4 - Screen size is 4 x 3. Margins will occur in entries made with other aspects.

[How to apply] Application forms can be downloaded here: http://81351a36fbdaca2d.lolipop.jp/date/1MIN20150210_E.pdf

[Judgment] Judgment will be conducted by the URBAN DEVELOPMENT THROUGH WALLS Executive Committee. Entries that pass the screening judgment will be projected on the wall of JR Toride Station East-West Passageway Wall Entries including excessive amounts of violence or sexual contents might not get through the screening. Award-winning entries will be judged from the entries that passed the screening judgment. The results will be published on March 22th, 2015 on the executive committee homepage or SNS. Homepage: http://publicart-toride.org/

[Prizes and Awards] - Grand Award...1 work <cash award of¥100, 000> - Outstanding Work Award…2 works

[Note on Copyrights] All entries must be the original work of the entrant. Sound and video shall not infringe any copyrights. Any entry found at any time violating this rule will be disqualified from the contest. In any case of claims on violation of rights from the third party, the applicant should handle all responsibility and compensation. The organizer will take no responsibility whatsoever.

[Usage of Entries] The video or image of the entries that passes the screening judgment will be used for publicity release with no compensation. If there is no image for the video, the executive committee will create an image and use it. Although all rights belong to the participants, organizers will also have rights to use the images (only if both sides agree).

[About the screening] - Entries that pass judgments will be projected on a wall in an East-West passageway of JR Toride train station. - Entries that pass the judgment will have to send a high definition image data within the designated period. - A projector will be used for screening. We might ask to down combat the data if it is taken in a 4K, full HD quality. - Pictures may not be projected clearly due to the screening of an outdoor passageway where it might be interfered by sunlight depending on the time and weather. - Stereo sound will be used. However, due to the screening of an outdoor passageway where it may echo, there may be some listening difficulties.

[Screening Schedule] March 29th – May 9th, 2014 Entries and awarded video works will be projected Venue: Toride station East-West Passageway Wall Entry fee: Free

[Cooperation Organization] TORIDE CITY URBAN DEVELOPMENT THROUGH WALLS Executive Committee, a part of the DEVELOPMENT OF A CITY WITH ART Propulsion Project is a group of artists working in Toride city who came together to work on this project. Continued by the “Toride International Wall Competition” starting from 2013, this “TORIDE INTERNATIONAL VIDEO PROJECTION CONTEST 2014” attempts to expand the meaning and approach towards walls by projecting video works on a wall at the station’s passageway where people pass through everyday and discover the link between a public space and video work. Along with that we aim to meet more artists in various genres and involve their art to the city and disseminate Toride city to the world.

[Contact / Information] TORIDE CITY URBAN DEVELOPMENT THROUGH WALLS Executive Committee [email protected] Toride City Art and Culture Division 0297-74-2141 (weekdays 8:30 - 17:15)


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