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TODAY, I’m Alright

RECOVERY. If you are reading this word, “RECOVERY” it would be unusual if you do NOT know anyone who WAS, IS, or you wish WERE, in RECOVERY. What does that word actually mean when connected to trauma? I chose to use the word RECOVERY for my series because my series is a message of hope.   Your trauma is not terminal. You are not broken. You can create your own life rafts of hope and resilience with practical strategies

Art to Change the World’s first event, See. Say. DO. Intends to change the world by using art to deliver a message of hope and serving as a catalyst for positive concrete change. See all events: https://www.arttochangetheworld.org/events-b/


Workshop: Our two hour workshop invites EVERYONE who has a connection with TRAUMA to join us for two hours of resource sharing, art-making, conversation and most importantly – identifying strategies for change.  This workshop invites people who have had their life touched by trauma: People recovering from disordered eating, gambling, chemicals, alcohol, or sex addictions and people recovering from death, divorce, cults or abuse. Each participant will go to the drawers and cupboards of TODAY, I’m Alright to choose a talisman to discuss at the workshop and then take home with them to help in their recovery. Please open all the cupboards and drawers, consider what you see and take one of the contents, if invited.  Leave your reflections and comments in the art and attend our workshop! Friends and family are also invited to this workshop. Everyone needs to evolve and change for a recovery to be successful. Recovery is way more complicated than to ” Just Say NO”.

    Join our October 14   1:00-3:00  Workshop: Register  https://www.arttochangetheworld.org/calendar-event/100-300-barbara-bridg...

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