Shed: reach for one another’s hand to hold

Opening Reception | Thursday, October 3rd, 2019 | 5-9 pm

1500 Jackson Street Ne, Minneapolis

Shed opens in the 332 Gallery within the historic Northrup King Building on Thursday, October 3rd. This collection of works addresses the state of being human through an ephemeral aesthetic or process-based practice. The works hold space for a certain quality of stillness to connect and provoke us.

The show seeks to prompt ideas about intimacy and empathy within our collective movement forward. Whose hand is within reach? What will this symbolic touch bring us within a minimally instructive framework for progression? When we get where we are going, will we arrive together, there?

Featured Artists:

Candice Davis, Jonathan Herrera Soto, Kieran Tverbakk, Jonathon Rosemond, Chloe Rosser, Matthew Yaeger, Jacqueline Dudley, Jacob Aaron Schroeder.  

Open Gallery Hours:

10.3.19 – 10.12

Thursday, October 3rd:  5-9pm

Thursday, October 10th: 11-3pm

Saturday, October 12th: 12-4pm

Please direct comments or questions to: [email protected]

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