Shed: reach for one another’s hand to hold

Minneapolis, MN—  a pop-up exhibition of recent contemporary works at the 332 Gallery in the Northrup King Building. This collection addresses the state of being human through an ephemeral aesthetic or process-based practice. The works hold space for ideas about intimacy and empathy within our collective movement forward.

Featured Artists:

Candice Davis, Jonathan Herrera Soto, Kieran Tverbakk, Jonathon Rosemond, Chloe Rosser, Matthew Yaeger, Jacqueline Dudley, Jacob Aaron Schroeder.  

Opening Reception: Thursday, October 3rd / 5pm - 9pm 
Exhibit on view: Oct 3 - Oct 12, 2019
Gallery Hours: ​ Thurs, Oct 3rd:  5-9pm, Thurs, Oct 10th: 11-3pm, Sat, Oct 12th: 12-4pm

332 Gallery inside the Northrup King Building
1500 Jackson Street Ne
Minneapolis, MN 55413

CONTACT: Sarah Nicole, Curator & Artist / [email protected] 


Shed is an installation of mixed media and sculptural artworks reflecting on the experience of being human. A similarly stark aesthetic is echoed throughout the collected works from local artists and beyond. The ephemeral quality of the whole installation gives way to immediacy, direct and coy. Through empathetic eyes, the works prompt us to enter a moment that exists more collectively than the last. Selected works come from submissions and prior knowledge of the artists' practices. A call for work including the following prompt was published in late June 2019:

The depths of being will confront us

We shed our skin

We turn inward


Reach for one another's hands to hold

The show formed in a process-based approach. The resulting works have overlapping qualities expressed through concept and materials. All the selected works are an echo of a current wave and garner strength within a direct and minimal presentation. A call to move forward and in certain instances, look back. The works are not meant to inform one another, but to contribute to the collective energy. 

This exhibit is part of a series of fall pop-up events supported by Public Functionary.

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