Sep17 to Oct16


1:00 pm



Come join us for the artists talk and kickoff to the Semac grant, Seeking art through touch and needle felting. Artist talk hosted by Jeffrey Jurewicz at 1:30 and light refreshments during.

Created by Amara Vercnocke, or also known as Amarama, via hand needle felting with wool, silks, alpaca, bison, and llama in order to create various soft sculptures or 3D reliefs with unique fibers that correspond to various colors in some pieces while textures in others. These soft sculptures are done in such a way as to allow one who is visually impaired or who is sensory seeking on the autism spectrum, to touch and "see"what famous past artists works may have looked like while still being visually pleasing. Touch as... part of the art process is not as commonly explored. It the hope for those who are sighted, to create empathy and understanding for those who experience the world through touch. Seeking art through touch and needle felting various fibers is a good place to start.

This exhibit will be up for a month during the public library's regularly scheduled hours. Please feel free to come and experience the art pieces at your liesure. I will also have headphones to help dampen any noise for those guests who have sound sensitivies at the libraries front desk. For those guests who are vision impaired, a library worker will help escort and personally read any information to you about the art pieces.
I am very thankful especially to SEMAC, my husband and graphic designer of the poster Andy Vercnocke, Jeffrey Jurewicz help in finding a location through C4, the Rochester Public Library's space and staff, and my amazing children especially Kyrie who inspired me and taught me what it was to see the world as she does through touch.

This event is brought to you by the clean water, land and legacy amendment. This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota Arts Council thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and clutural heritage fund.

Owner of Amarama Art
Amara Vercnocke, or more commonly known as Amarama, is an eclectic artist that predominantly works with needle felting wool into soft sculptures and 3D relief wall hangings with various fibers for the past 10 years. They have a BS in Biology, an art minor in studio art, a proud member of Gallery 24, C4, RAC, RAE and has been a life long learner of the arts.

Amarama seeks to make art that affects the emotions and the senses simultaneously with color and fiber textures. Allowing the audience to be emotionally captivated and explore a topic in order to awaken the senses and form an emotional connection. Touch is often left out of experiencing the art world. They want the audience to explore the art pieces via touch in order to process their own feelings and to reawaken the observers own inner child and exploration of the subject matter. Amarama also works with acrylic painting, soap stone carving, wood carving and glass mosaic when able. A future goal that Amarama has in mind involves sharing the knowledge and showcasing of wool sculpting as a fine art form and in order to teach the public more about what needle felting is in its many diverse styles and forms.

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