Jul03 to Sep28


9:00 am


Highpoint Center for Printmaking

912 West Lake Street

Syzygy: A Union of Opposites is a solo exhibition featuring all-new work from printmaker Grace Sippy in the Threshold Gallery at the Highpoint Center For Printmaking, running from July 3 - September 28. Join her at the Opening Reception on Friday, July 19th from 6:30-9pm, where work will be 20% off (for one night only). This exhibition features hybrid digital inkjet-screenprints, traditional screenprints and monotypes.

"Syzygy (si-zuh-jee) showcases my work exploring the union of opposing forces and ideas in the context of theories surrounding identity. Specifically, my visual research focuses on spaces that exist within the psyche and the unconscious, while using the body, mark-making and environment as a visualization of those spaces. Propelled by my ongoing interest in psychoanalysis, I am interested in creating figures in transformation and deformation (with extra or missing limbs, or using movement), and figures that are engaged in conflict and/or acts of love. By portraying these figures with ambiguity, it is my intention to create moments of hesitation, uncertainty, and questioning. It is intentionally not clear in many of the images if there are negative or positive acts being presented, and speak to the complexity of our own relationships with the Self, and how aspects of our identities (psychoanalytic concepts such as the personal unconscious, the persona, and anima/animus), are formed."


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