Sep13 to Oct20


7:15 pm


The Phipps Center for the Arts

109 Locust St

THERE BUT NOT THERE An exhibition by Kristi Kuder

September 13 - October 20, 2019

Gallery One, The Phipps Galleries, Hudson, WI

Labeled Ambiguous Loss, inconclusive conditions resulting from both the presence and absence of a loved one can cause upsetting emotional ambiguity. Conditions including immigration, war, divorce, Alzheimer’s, gender transferal, and even children moving away from home can create intense grief. As an installation artist, Kristi Kuder explores these diametric conditions by applying fiber and textile processes to wire. Her work sheds light on life’s unresolved situations bringing form to formless emotions. And it combines contradictory and elusive elements to help others see ambiguity for what it is: unanswerable, visceral, yet inescapable all at once.

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