4:00 pm


Join the Twin Cities Girls' Choir as we sing the songs of childhood! As we grow up, lullabies, folk songs, and pop tunes create the soundtrack of our formative years. Enjoy some warm fuzzies as we reminisce together, sharing family and cultural musical traditions – celebrating the music that shapes us!

The Twin Cities Girls’ Choir is a Minneapolis, performance-based music education program whose mission is to be a diverse community that sings, performs, and affirms the voices of girls. We offer young women the experience of musical artistry and excellence through choral singing by empowering their unique voice. 

SUNDAY, MAY 19, 2019
St. Paul Reformation Lutheran Church
100 Oxford St N, St Paul, MN 55104
Adult: $15/Student: $5 (Pay what you can available at the door.Tickets are available online until noon on Saturday, May 18th, after which tickets will be available at the door.)

For more information contact: Elisa Olson 612-286-1717

Email: [email protected]


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