Mar07 to Apr10


7:00 pm



Public Functionary is pleased to present a continuously developing interdisciplinary collaboration between performance collective SuperGroup, experimental playwright Rachel Jendrzejewski, art rock band Brute Heart and installation artist Liz Miller.

"In Which _____ and Others Discover the End" harnesses the transformative power and value of contemporary performance, stimulating our collective capacity to dream, think inventively, and make connections between divergent ideas while creating space for reflection and dialogue.

"In Which" will include a number of events in four components: A visual installation/exhibition by Liz Miller, open SuperGroup and Brute Heart performance rehearsals during gallery hours, PF Takeovers with outside groups "taking over" the gallery and a grand finale series of free performances to cap off the exhibit run.


March 7th (7pm-12am)

Installation artist Liz Miller will build on her existing interests in creating large-scale, site specific works with mixed media such as felt, fabric, tarp, paper and spray paint, while responding to the conceptual framework of the larger project and exploring possibilities for interaction in performance. The exhibition will open to the public on Saturday, March 7 and include a series of 2D works on paper as well.


Liz Miller creates large scale suspended installations assembled from felt, fabric, plastic, and other flexible materials. Her work explores repetition and shape, and recently has delved into a number of binary juxtapositions such as order and chaos, pastoral and violent, decoration and utility.

(Jeffrey Wells, Sam Johnson, Erin Search-Wells)
Performance collective SuperGroup creates experiences that stem from the desire to communicate who we are, find out who you are, and manifest the world we want.

Playwright Rachel Jendrzejewski works by intricately collaging words, utilizing threads of fragmented characters and narratives as well as looped, slowly evolving building blocks of text. Her use of language ranges from personal, poetic reflections to simple, precise distillations of accumulated experiences.

(Crystal Brinkman, Jackie Becky, Crystal Myslajek)
Brute Heart’s compositions are at times ethereal and haunting and at times driving and upbeat. They utilize complex meters, durational looping, and sparse melody lines, conjuring both familiar and alien sounds that draw upon art-rock, classic metal, post-punk, and various international musics.

Also featuring: collaborating performers Angharad Davies, Hannah Kramer, Stephanie Stoumbelis. Lighting designer Heidi Eckwall. Process correspondent Hannah Geil-Neufeld.

All Events are Free & Open to the Public


March 9 – March 21 (Rehearsals and open hours Noon-6pm thurs/fri/saturdays; PF Takeovers 7-11pm fridays)

Gallery hours to view the installation will be open to the public throughout the month of March each Thursday, Friday and Saturday. In addition, several of the scheduled gallery hours will feature open rehearsals in which the public can view the performance work in progress. Friday nights during the run of the exhibit leading up to the performances, other outsider groups will “take over” the space and curate music and performances unrelated to the overall project. This will activate the gallery and provide a “public space” context for the final part of the project.

Liz Miller's installation will alternately serve as harmonious element and obstacle during this time. Through the weeks, its form will be changed through the interaction of performers as they potentially push, pull, enter and collide with the environment. By the end of the project, the installation will have evolved even more dramatically and will be enhanced with lighting design by Heidi Eckwall.


March 27, 28, 29 & April 2, 3, 4 (Each night @ 8pm, except March 29 @ 3pm / Free)

The final piece will be a more recognizably formal performance within Miller’s installation, with rigorous movement, both improvisational and set; expansive spoken language and singing; and an integral sound score performed live by Brute Heart. Eschewing a single unifying framework, it will instead weave layers of narrative, content and form to create poetic frictions and synchronicities. In Which will encompass a range of performance modes and audience interactions that are both engaging and powerful.

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