9:00 am



Registration Fee: $75

In this one-day workshop, students will learn to carve and print a single layer woodcut to create their own greeting cards. Make the holiday special with something handmade!

We will explore simplifying an image to suit the media, reverse imagery, safe carving techniques and hand printing. Students will have the opportunity to carve two small images and will leave this workshop with up to 10 hand-printed greeting cards of their own design (with envelopes) and the knowledge and experience to go home and print more! Additional matching card stock and envelopes will be available for purchase at the end of the day, if desired.

Basic tools and materials will be provided. We will be printing with black oil-based ink. Be sure to bring a smock or wear appropriate clothing as these inks will permanently stain all fabric. The workshop will break for about one hour between the carving and printing stages, so please bring a meal or enjoy lunch at a nearby establishment.

Open to all skill levels, ages 16 and older. This workshop will be held at my studio at the Historic Thorp Building in NE Minneapolis. Workshop sizes range from 3 to 6 students and an ADA accessible entrance is available. An email with specific details and reminders will be sent out to students approximately one week ahead of the workshop date.

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