Apr21 to Apr23


8:00 pm


The Cowles Center

528 Hennepin Avenue

Two Twin Cities powerhouses join forces for a weekend of exhilarating, breathtaking dance. Zorongo Flamenco Dance Theatre together with Flying Foot Forum present “And the Beat Goes On!” – a program that merges Zorongo’s signature Spanish flamenco with Flying Foot Forum’s bold percussive dance. The result is choreography pulsing with passion and energy.

The two companies will each present their own works – traditional Spanish flamenco from Zorongo and imaginative works inspired by Scandinavian and American folk dance from Flying Foot Forum – along with a joint work combining the two companies.

The two companies will collaborate to present “Las Madres” – an excerpt from the moving “Garden of Names,” originally developed by the two companies nearly 20 years ago. “Garden of Names” revolves around Argentina’s “Desaparecidos” (the disappeared) – the thousands of activists, students, journalists and more killed in a period of state terrorism during the 1970s.

Photo by Bill Cameron.

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