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  • updated the Artwork Exploding Star
    This is edited documentation of a performance in which I counted up to the number of days it had been since my mother passed away and tumbled in a repetitive motion. As I move, Isadora software tracks my motion and projects it back onto myself blurring and pixelating in relation to my volume.
  • updated the Artwork Reformations
    This piece explores themes of memorialization, disconnection from memory, and attempts to reconnect with what is lost. The images lined up in a grid are layered transparencies of sculptural forms that were originally photographed on top of a 6x3' light box that I built.The combination of natural materials, stockings, and clothing combined with¬†household items and tools made obsolete suggests the idea of a¬†presence that is trying to be reassembled after being dehumanized and stripped down to it…
  • updated the Artwork Reformations
  • updated the Artwork Boat in Progress
    This is a piece I am currently working on inspired by the Reformations box. Eventually the boat will have an inside filled with water and clothing and there will be one bench seat on the boat. The blue cross pieces of wood are the beginnings of a false bottom of the boat. Underneath the blue pieces of wood there will be lights, and sitting on top of the cross sections of wood will be a combination of plexi glass, white transluscent plastic, and marine grade vinyl. These materials will keep the w…