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James Michael Lawrence
Old 03-13-2009, 09:18 PM
Default Arts, Artists and the Economy
"The accusation has been raised that local and regional arts organizations are failing to respond to the needs and economic challenges facing local artists. mnartists serves thousands of artists in throughout the state with a very modest budget and staff. We are trying to quickly evolve to meet the changing needs of artists and provide useful information and services. Obviously we can not be everything to everyone, however we serve an important role in the local arts community. Plans and discussions are underway to increase our professional practices support for artists and collaborating with other arts organizations to increase services and reduce costs."

I'd like to add an appreciation (and an example) here for what mnartists.org CAN do for artists - both locally and out-state: Since becoming a member early during the first year the site was up and running - I've been blessed to be included in several exhibitions - both solo and group shows - some juried and some not. Every single opportunity that ultimately led to my showing art in those shows - came either from my finding a call for artists posted on the site and submitting my art- or from someone contacting me after viewing my art on the site and reaching me through contact information noted in my profile. And - contrary to the opinion of one or two disgruntled members - I've done this without "selling out" or "kissing ass" or "sucking up" to anyone associated with the site. I've done it by taking advantage of what the site offers to any and all of it's members and/or visitors - and in the days ahead - I'm convinced we'll come to appreciate the potentials the site offers its members and/or visitors - all the more.


James Michael Lawrence


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Registered Ray
Old 03-14-2009, 02:55 AM
Default Dito that JML
Same here. I would not have shown photography at the Minneapolis Foundation in the IDS, if their curator had not found me here. And I've learned so much from knowledge based art communications.
I don't know what thread I'm in right now but I also must agree with the experiences of Gerald Prokop.
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Coyote Global
Old 03-17-2009, 10:35 AM
Default current Art leadership just don't get it.

One of the reasons the Minnesota Miracle became the Minnesota Mediocre is because the past and current leadership, while focused on advancing their individual careers by buying up and hoarding every opportunity, they remained myopically fixated on their little portal to the world. The pathetic elitist disdain for Corporate Cogs (people whose livelihood depends on a global "understanding" of the life of American) has had the effect of losing them as advocates for the Art at the very moment(now) that will be pivotal for the future of Art in Minnesota. The foundations are following the way of major corporations:getting focus on the core of the mission that the foundation is aided at. As money for them has dried up so it will now dry up money for all non centered funding.

Understand now why the coyote has courted them and mingles with them in order to speak the language of the Global Corporate Cogs. All fed aid dollars require "matches"-the foundations that funded those matches are short on cash to do so,...it will be the "GCC" that will be the functionaries in making Corporate decisions on what "ARTS" in Minnesota to support with "leverage" dollars.

Get it, Boys and Girls? Get familiar in the lexicon of the corporate Cog-he/she is the new deal maker-breaker. And with YES throwing the Arts into politics look to your art now being measure in terms of it's social, economic and political merit.

Coyote voted for it to pass, but laughed at the "fools" that did not understand what would happen to all Arts Funding after you put a hugh chunk of it in the has a "politically ridden committee". The YES is a great opportunity for minority Artists to "lobby" the politicians on prioritization of application of the Arts as they impact the education of the younger population-mostly minority-look around and ask your favorite Artist of color what secret meeting they are going to?

Sadly, the current Arts Leadership has preferred to not head the warnings of the coyote-"one pot of soup can feed the whole village, but those of us outside the barbed wire fence and left out of the "banquet" have our hunger to remind us of your names,....

coyote sprinkling Chines pepper on Mexican heirloom corn
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Senior Member
BraindeadAesthetic's Avatar
Old 03-27-2009, 04:42 PM
Originally Posted by Coyote Global View Post

coyote sprinkling Chines pepper on Mexican heirloom corn

Some have attacked Coyote in these forums, and some of his posts can grate. But should we silence a voice?? I say no, there are too few voices willing to speak out.

I have met coyote (our local coyote, as I know several others nation wide) only once at a show we both had work at. He generously invited me to break bread with his family which sent me into a panic attack based on my dysfunctional Northern European distrust of strangers so i declined.

But I am thinking Chines peppers (I grow Tai dragon Peppers) on Mexican heirloom corn, must be very good. Yum

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