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Ray Rolfe
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Old 03-19-2012, 08:12 PM
Default Demonstrate the promise of continued excellence.
Scott Stulen
Project Director, mnartists.org
Director, McKnight Artist Fellowships for Photographers
612.375.7616 | scott.stulen@walkerart.org

Jehra Patrick
Project Coordinator, mnartists.org
Program Assistant, McKnight Fellowship for Photographers
651.252.1137 | info@mnartists.org

Crazy ways to do it.. don't worry. I'm down with the format. Fucking digital Alex Soth right here. I just want to get published on Little Brown Mushroom.. cause I probably can. anyway.

Ray Rolfe
Director of Photography and Cinematography.
Recipient , McKnight Artist Fellowships for Photographers 2012
612.251.8746 | MinneapolisArtist@gmail.com

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Gabriel Combs
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Old 04-04-2012, 05:06 PM
Default abyssmal wilderness of abandon/embattled sabbatical
pushing hard against the rain, the forty days and nights with no hope of a ship coming in that will not sink upon arrival. the pouring, driving deluge bores through the dread of night and gives light to true inspirations revival. mandatory overtime and death by one thousand cuts. quart of beer rain hat water off a ducks back never quit like the boom bap. kick out my speakers when i'm down, stitch it up with barbed wire as i hit the ground.

spring again in my 40th year. cleaned up the studio and layered some boards with paint and compositional sickness. good mass of work done up to backgrounds. larger pieces. good chunk of finished work laying around, but i've been sick of ebay and fb and all this nonsense. i come back here to recoup my wit and breed my illness with the truth. mnartists in upstate ny isolation facility.

my kat sheds so much i started naming kits. i abuse my bench daily. two full sized doors up on old kitchen cabinets up flush with each other. sand, scrape, paint, and alleviate gravities pull. make the magnet repel and become a flotation device. statik kineticsm. 3 gallon pot of food going all the time and good bread. hit 170 lbs with little fat. i work the ground like a skyscraper.

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Ray Rolfe
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Old 04-08-2012, 05:48 PM
Default Never make deadlines. Maybe 2014?
Sounds straight up Gabe. I'm not even going to try and match your ability at prose. I do want to be loose enough with the specifics, though. I've got fat bank now for being so long impoverished. It's weird how easy it can flow when long suffering is a virtue. just work every night.. SO I'm going to keep collecting until opportunity runs dry. My CIA pilot isn't on a death bed.. Ideally, I'll come up with enough miracle manna to own property (in the company name) and pay cash, so it's free for ART. A shell with no service, hooked up to solar powered car batteries for LED lights... wood burning stove.. I don't care. Sick future squat coming slowly if I don't squander the savings. If I had access to 17K the shit would be done right now. Wish I could have hit up the Kickstarter talk at soap factory.. yeah the BOSS lady of KickStarter was giving the formulas for successful projects at the soap! what's that tell me? I should have been there. But I'm non local.
New Glarus is the drink replacing my summit. ..wish we were free.. i know I need some long forgotten native american medicines. It's EASTER. Resurrection is probably achievable despite of medicinal lack...
I've been sick of seeing brainwashed facebook bullshit too. It's like everyone just endlessly passes around the most simple minded propaganda. It's a hypnotic trance.
I'm going to try to cut the air with another photo.. I bought a new camera BTW. It'll be fun as soon as I can get somewhere to see something worth photographing.

Moon light on river ice

my cedar waxwing friend

Happy Easter. Sterile installation by a system drone?

ride, over the river and through the woods?

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Gabriel Combs
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Old 04-15-2012, 03:02 PM
Default cycles in circle sickness/nihilistic negation of nth
i'm always thankful for any bid. you sound to be having a good period of late, which is nice to hear. i hope it provides you with some level of future prospects as well. i just passed 1100 sold. my back and hip are killing me right now, so my flow has stopped. i was on a real roll too. i think i may call the doctor this week, as the pain is past my threshold of what i can stand much of the time, and i spend most of the day/night laying down. sketching that way too, unable to sit for more than a few minutes. just finished jude the obscure, another tragic book that reminds me of my life. he suffers greatly his entire life, fails at everything, and welcomes death with open arms. so be it. now i'm in the middle of pride and predjudice. somebodys got a doll of me sticking pins in it. i do not enjoy life, i suffer through it.

" It was curious, he thought. What was he reserved for? He supposed he was not a sufficiently dignified person for suicide. Peaceful death abhorred him as a subject, and would not take him.

What could he do of a lower kind than self-extermination; what was there less noble, more in keeping with his present degraded position? He could get drunk. Of course that was it; he had forgotten. Drinking was the regular, stereotyped resource of the despairing worthless..." -Jude the Obscure by Thomas Hardy

struggling to even get a limp out, the scars advance more and recede less. some days i think i may have done something priceless, others i think it cost too much. if the storm is used as a symbol of heart-felt anguish and struggle, then i am global warming. perpetuated since last year. triple rainbow funnel clouds.

color me in the dirt bracket, pinning an unnaturally clean world through the bone like a butterfly collection. smell the dust when the rain hits. old relic. spell out hypocrite in the mirrors' steam and try to wash it off wondering why you had it backwards.

boom, and then the lightning. big black umbrella doom. the circles are tightening watching all the maggots consumeconsumeconsume. pop ate itself and its own tomb.

burn alchohol a blue flame, flash fire. burning brain cells as the universe is shaped by dark matter. apocyliptic gravity of the situation abstrakting a cavity extracted...

for one mnartists.org forum post,

composted and compacted. disposable hero.

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Gabriel Combs
Senior Member
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Old 04-29-2012, 01:29 PM
Default a petite tet e tet/heir of the pit
tear the pictures off the walls and burn the furniture for fuel. unrest in excess. moment of distress. a thousand words in ashes i follow like another lead right off the cliff. the ashes self efface on the way down as the blood drops rest without gravity, hit the bottom hollow, stiff, and dirty. x's on the i's.

"there are few people whom i really love, and still fewer of whom i think well. the more i see of the world, the more am i dissatisfied with it. and every day confirms my belief of the inconsistency of all human characters, and of the little dependence that can be placed on the appearance of either merit or sense."
pride and prejudice/jane austen

no fear of recovering from these new lows, to seek a most appreciated view upon reaching unprecedented heights. these things have germinated and seek the light. to bloom in time to follow the cycle. don't wait for your ship to come in, go out and meet it like a pirate, run it into the shore and sell that shit for scrap.

"all the mystery and the witchery of the night seemed to have gathered there amid the perfumes and the dusky and tortuous outlines of flowers and foliage. she was seeking herself and finding her moods. but the voices were not soothing that came to her from the darkness and the sky above and the stars. they jeered and sounded mournful notes without promise, devoid even of hope." the awakening/kate chopin

i've washed my clothes in the sink by hand for almost a year now. i spend less money a week than the average american spends on gas on anything besides food/shelter. i wear clothes out to shreds and then use them for paint rags. i have'nt been in a motor vehicle but a small handfull of times in the last two years. bike/walk. every organic bit goes outside to turn to dust and dirt...

here lies/lays fertile ground like bright red lips with rose petals strewn about the hips of the mount. the gold standard.

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Ray Rolfe
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Old 05-10-2012, 08:48 AM
Default Good Period + Thread
<iframe src="http://player.vimeo.com/video/40071436?title=0&amp;byline=0&amp;portrait=0" width="400" height="300" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe> = goddamned mnartist.org forums STILL can't embed an i frame.
click this instead.
Well enough to shave my beard and stay in beer. And I'll keep bidding on dime pieces while the CIA is paying for it. Savings is being saved. Coil of supernatural. I've probably got enough to buy a grave now, but I'm aiming for a house. with cash.

Think I can be a guest artist at the local gallery. Contemplating finally doing a photographic print show, with new stuff specific to this place. Nothing profoundly retrospective, yet. I did do a pure photo print show at Minneapolis Foundation once upon a time..

Permanently disfigured. Did I write about breaking my face? Summer bike crash. I'm outside of the flexible healing period now, and it's looks like subtle scars and smashed bones are not entirely erasable. Oh well. I wasn't getting anywhere based on appearance anyway.

I have new Pillbox 12 (KATHEDZ 040212A) hanging on the wall above a window. next to KATHEDZ03212a. no one reads us, but this is the format = ( COLLECT PILBOX ART!!!)
I didn't do an "unboxing" video this time cause two 5 year old kids were here watching me open the mail. The one little guy thought it was pretty cool how you drilled holes and put the copper hanging wire in. He was sequencing your process. (... first he paints this, then he draws the cat, then he drills the holes... blah vlagh gaa, little kid speak)

Trees. Flower blooms. Lightning. come over for free as soon as this place is OWNED.
My friend Clay Clay Reed pushed me to experiment with HDR while he gets on the canon Mini Mode train.. turns out "puking rainbows" but it's something to share.. I guess.

High Dynamic Range

Turtle Power

Eagle Eye

Kathedz unboxing

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Gabriel Combs
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Old 05-13-2012, 03:51 PM
Default lot in life/hard row to hoe with spit and baling wire
like a rook on a hard wire with soot for attire
ran out on the acheron rail into the fire

burning up hotseats when i sit down. gotta laugh it off and thwart your enemies. changed my name to thisleton a. goatley. pardon me or knot sew. been a little luvsik.

i'm loving that baby tortoise. good going on the photog show, hopefully you'll sell something or at least gain something from the experience. i'm not so stoked about showing anymore, and i'm not sure i ever really was. seems like it was an obligation or dues to pay in my case. maybe if i had total control, could paint the walls, ect. gave up on anyone reading us on here a long time ago, but i don't mind. does'nt seem the point exactly, as i'll keep posting here regardless, until its gone. ten years on 011613. a decade of agro freshin. thanks for the bid. i've been stacking up a box for a guy in la, who now has maybe 60+ pieces from the last four years. i think he started buying when i was still in the basement studio squat, summer 2008. now i stack it up for him when hes ready and do a big shipment at once. hes picking up some of the larger ones. wants big discounts but he hits buy it now, so i just hope hes getting them out into the world for me and it will come back in kind.

finished jane austens' pride and prejudice, kate chopins' the awakening, stella gibbons' cold comfort farm, upton sinclairs' it can't happen here, re-read hemingways' the short happy life of francis mcomber, salman rushdies' haroun and the sea of stories, william faulkners' light in august, and pulled thomas hardings' return of the native off the shelf to start tonight maybe. nine+ novels this year so far. a good stack lined up. i'll have to go to the library soon for a couple specific title and authors on the list.

just got three sheets of masonite cut up into two foot by two foot squares, 24 panels total for payment for doing a sign for someone that took about two hours. found a cardboard dumpster a couple blocks away that has huge boxes so i should hopefully get some larger work done/out there. been maxing out at 16" x 16" panels. largest size i can fit in my bike bag. in the process of priming the larger ones, in between drawing and putting layers of paint on smaller work. 1130 art auctions sold, hip and back are healed up a bit, so i'm getting more done. until next time...

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Gabriel Combs
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Old 05-24-2012, 12:39 PM
Default psychic war correspondent/art bequeathed to the exhumed
sweats in the nightmares and swamp for a bed. everything sticky water and body oil, up ahead. inevitable direction, no turn off, no side road or splintered story arch. crows, blackcats, dark clouds, and other things unlucky for anyone else. bloodrush. healing power. bloodlust. self inflict, self destruct, elevate. creativity with no regulation, no taxes, no bosses, no mentors but booksbooksbooks...

mind comes alive with all its character interactions, lit up like star clusters, the energies derivation. gravity of the situation. black hole balance act, like white to black. glows relevant to the universe and back. focus. one tiny pinhole distant comes to be a massive sun...

unleashing, naturally beasting, like the pride taking down an animal and then too the buzzards devouring the corpse. dead whale dropping through the depths and all of the processes of its giving life through its death.

an artist just connects the dots to the dead and names constellations.

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Ray Rolfe
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Old 05-26-2012, 08:19 AM
Default Roger that.
He worked on core memories. Physically engineered magnets into dual polarities before computers held the binary concept digitally. Up or down. Birth of the transistor. Electronics and radio waves. Sick future 1947. Man, he used to work the farm. In the sun. Pure earth. Pure elements. Menomonie field work. Later to develop the alchemy which envelopes all circuitry. Vapor deposited thin film poly para xylylene. A buck a gram, he says.. 3rd or 4th electroplating Alchemist I've know in the last 2 years.. He and his partner Dr. William Beach attempted to produce it cheaper.. but it was artistic failure. Yet, for their efforts the company was valuable. Bought were their business, by Union Carbide, post modernly consolidated into Dow chemicals for 12 billion dollars a few years back... Root programmer. Core Memories. A pilot. Flying the world on business. Now I clandestinely keep company off his dreams. "You're a good man to take care of an old Swed" being echo etched into my minds.

I am not just any nurse. A person would need to listen, and provide a man half a briefing on the worlds turnings, beyond yes sir it's 4am and the spacex Dragon has docked at ISS, after the Solar eclipse, and the X class flares, and the ripples observed in Saturn and Jupiter's rings, and the politics, and the super hero movie, and the lightning striking at my bed. "Is there anything new in the cosmos?" I try to give the best answer every time it's asked. Apparently, It's my life or death duty.

A different moment of insect freedom, I did unglue this dragon flies wings from a stupid sticky window decoration of frosty the snowman. Karma didn't care. 2 rounds of hail stones killed my avocados anyway... yeah Lightning explodes the tree. Hail, destroyer of my crops.. just waiting on that tornado to come at me again.
A few fotos?

I found the original silver gel pentaptych, hanging 113 years later..

old news, but defying gravity.. floating on it's self for hours.. sky tree lounge. See I didn't buy the HRD processing software yet..

99,014 views for 1,238 posts.. coming up on the big 100,000 in less then 100 more.

Oh Gabe man! I forgot to tell you, that lightning strike knocked KATHEDZ 040212A off the wall! Shock wave to the copper wire!

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Ray Rolfe
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Old 07-05-2012, 11:59 PM
Default it's over 100,000
well.. there's the number. "What are you doing today?" now has 100,083 views.

If we had a nickel for everyone.... that'd be 5 grand.

Today I harvested about 5 pounds of raspberries. Drank some beer and mowed the lawn.

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