acrylic and latex on canvas


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  • THE FINAL GOODBYE. . . psych! Ryan James Ryoe and I are moving. Art and Supplies for sale! DEALS GALORE. Everything from artwork, shelving, tools, to a gosh darn mini fridge will be available. Studio 164 in the Dow Building. Stop and say Hi/Bye; celebrate with us, or just show up to get something? Whatever it is, you're welcome! Light rail access, parking available, buses - all the transit! First come first serve basis; we are not able to hold anything, nor are we able to transport anything pu…
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    UGH! ANOTHER art show!?     New “creative” (how exhilarating…le sigh) artwork done by Biafra, Greta Claire,  Ryoe, and Wundr. Together, they’ll improve your life with their colorful and strategic creations. Or not. ..   If you don’t want to attend? Who cares, go anyways; you need some spice in your life. At the very least you’ll get some refreshments.     “another art show” will be held from 6:00-11:00PM on Friday, 11.9.18 in the Dow Building at 2242 University Ave W, Sain…
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    A creation speaking to my home: Minnesota. The pure emotion and passion I have for this beautiful state. My encapsulation of the highs and lows of living here.