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    DRISCOLL BABCOCK GALLERIES presents HARRIET BART: STRONG SILENT TYPE, an installation in blackened steel, shaded paper, mirrored chrome, and dark cloth exploring the myriad ways to be seen and to see one’s self: a provocative meditation on the deeply human drive to assemble the pieces of our identities. Bart’s mirrored and matte surfaced fragments recall pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that never quite fit together, inviting examination of gender archetypes and the way fragments speak to the ab…
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  • The United Nations Refugee Agency reported that nearly 60 million people were forced to flee their homes in 2014 due to war and persecution. Harriet Bart and Yu-Wen Wu’s site-specific installation invites viewers to not only meditate on this staggering statistic, but also to embody the asylum seeker’s experience of bringing only what she can carry.