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  • With more than 20 years of research and training in worldwide dance styles, Christopher is an ACE dance specialist with the Perpich Center for Arts Education. In the classroom he combines dance, theater and cultural arts and connects them to academic themes. Christopher also performs with Ethnic Dance Theatre and Dance Revels Moving History. Folkdance as a Window to the World Type: Professional Development Grades: K-12 Two Consecutive: $100 Christopher never met a topic that couldn’t become a p…
  • Christopher Yaeger updated the Artwork ACE Dance
    Christopher has served as an ACE Dance Specialist with the Perpich Center for Arts Education. ACE Dance Programs train teachers to use dance as a distinct area of study as well as integrated with other subject areas. Arts Courses for Educators (ACE) are two-year programs that train teacher teams to integrate dance, media or theater arts into their school curriculum. During the two -year programs, teachers experience hands-on learning from arts specialists during summer and academic year worksh…