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  • Emily Gastineau updated the Venue La Mama ETC
  • Wild Swans is a presentation in story, song and dance of Hans Christian Andersen’s classic fairy tale about one princess’ harrowing endeavor to rescue her 11 brothers from the spell of a wicked step-mother.  Christina Baldwin, singer and narrator, will be joined by a six piece ensemble and a cast of professional and student dancers living with and without disabilities.  Sarah Miller composed original music to narrate the events of the story and Gretchen Pick worked with members of the Youn…
  • Password: jtjmck This clip is an example of my musicality and dynamic range as a performer.
  • Password: jtjmck This clip highlights my ability to perform complex choreography in precise unison. 
  • Password: jtjmck This clip shows my commitment to precision, attention to unison, and delight in musicality.  This also happens to be the hardest dance (in terms of memorization) I've ever performed.
  • Password: jtjmck In this performance, I attempted to channel the spirits of Merce Cunningham and Michael Jackson.    
  • Password: jtjmck This is an example of my recent explorations into improvisation.  The score for this solo is: embody and explore the rhythm of the music.
  • This is a 10 minute work sample of sound design created for new york based choreographer, Ivy Baldwin.
  • Created by Elliott Durko Lynch and Justin Jones for "Why Won't You Let me be Great," a live tribute to Kanye West's album, "808 and Heartbreaks" - presented by Catch Performance Series in collaboration with Brendan Kennedy and Neal Medlyn @ P.S. 122 in NYC, July 30th and August 1st 2009.