Acrylic paint on canvas, some acrylic texturing
Various sizes
Figurative Work in Watercolor
Variety of sizes
Watercolor on paper or Acrylic on Canvas


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  • I have taken photos when traveling  to Newfoundland and Labrador in 2017 and later painted from those photos. The countryside and buildings have an austere beauty that reflects small wonders along side a difficult life. Some of the paintings in this series are from an earlier trip to New Brunswick, Price Edwards Island and Nova Scotia. 
  • Judy Fawcett updated the Artwork Various Paintings
    This work was created between 2009 and 2011. some of the work is realistic and some imaginative. 
  • Judy Fawcett updated the Artwork Butterfly Series
    In recent years I’ve created a body of work called my butterfly series. The butterfly is my metaphor for the all living things endangered by loss of habitat and pesticides. In these paintings I’m trying to convey the sense of butterfly by their flashes of brilliance, spectacular markings, their wieghlesness and constant darting motions. I hope to inspire others to care for these important pollinators for their sakes and for ours. 
  • Judy Fawcett updated the Artwork New Figurative Work
    The human figure, something we all relate to, is a way into more conceptional ideas about our planet, Earth, and how to honor this place we call home.  Humans often do the work that goes unnoticed. They make our tortillas, are our hostesses, lawn keepers, garbage collectors, etc. Their menial work is not well rewarded and they don't receive the gratitude we owe them.
  • Judy Fawcett updated the Artwork Landscape
    These recent paintings are landscapes representing different seasons and areas of our diverse country.