34" x 17.5" x 5"


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  • Sirek grew up in a home where violence was a constant threat. She believes raising awareness and breaking the silence surrounding domestic violence is the first step in changing cultural norms and attitudes. During the course of the past year, she has collected the names of over 1400 women and men who were killed by their current or former intimate partner in the United States. Not only do husbands murder their wives, and girlfriends kill their boyfriends, but their children, other relatives, ne…
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    A white housedresses float above a bed of roses. The housedress represents domesticity. It embodies devotion and service to home life and the care of family. It wraps and protects the body and acts as a second skin, holding the essence of the individual who wears it. Holes distinguish these housedresses from others; they show signs of stress and are disintegrating. Their lives shortened.