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  • Winner; Liguori Publications, Best Fiction of 100 Years Collection.
  • Published St Anthony Messenger, March 2012
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  • Published St Anthony Messenger, March 2012
  • Resurrection of Christ as seen from the Universe.
  • Kathryn Begnaud updated the Artwork Pie Day
    Published St Anthony Messenger, April 2011
  • Published St Anthony Messenger, February 2009
  • [b]Winner 2009 North American Catholic Press Association Award, 1st Place, Best Essay for Magazine (St Anthony Messenger, March 2008)[/b]   Our parish priest announces, one day before I go under the knife, that The Age of Miracles is in fact not over. It just appears differently. He maintains that God continues to work miracles today, albeit not in the fashion of miracle working that his son brandished. Miracles in 2006, according to Father Bill, often take the form of medical advances, surgery…
  • Published February 2010, St Anthony Messenger[/b][/b]   [/i][/b] When he’s happy, he does a run-hop-run in a sort of galloping, skipping gait. I can hear him skipping down the hallway, his bare little feet in search of me.All wound up this morning because he’s found an old Tootsie Pop in the bottom of the toy-box, he jabbers excitedly in the language of a two-year old, breathlessly amazed that such a treasure could be found buried under the Legos. Calling my name in his wonderful gibberis…
  • Published January 2010, Ligourian Magazine (Re-titled by Magazine as "Forgiving the Unforgivable"     In my father’s house we had many large old rooms and my parents liked to say that they decorated those rooms with children, eleven of us. As if that wasn’t enough of a crowd, many others lived with us over the years, some were strangers, but most were friends who found themselves temporarily homeless. Our doors were never locked, the house was open and keys were left in the ignition. Anyon…