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Contemporary Dance
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  • Performed : Patrick's Cabaret, Mpls.,Mn, USA -Dec. 2006 Fabrik,Center for Dance and Movement, Pottsdam ,Germany- Jan. 2007 A DaDa homage to Hannah Hoch
  • a new work by Laurie Van Wieren in: UNBRANDED, at the Ritz in Minneapolis. April 9-12 , 2008 All shows 8:00 PM (photo: Anna Shogren & Laurie Van Wieren by Warwick Green) with Performers: Megan Mayer, Anna Shogren, Diana Grasselli, Michelle Kinney, Paula Mann and Laurie Van Wieren , " Let’s see…you could say it’s like a story of a videographer who follows an opera singer, an accordion player and 3 dancers around trying to capture their stories…but that’s not quite it. It is about the sta…
  •  4×4 = 100 Dancing Outside. Concept, curation and  co-producer: Laurie Van Wieren. Producing partners- Laura Holway,  Walker Open Field and 100 choreographers. Celebrating the Twin Cities flourishing dance scene and exploring my role as both choreographer and curator. The Score: 100 choreographers perform simultaneously in individual 4′x4′ spaces, moving within a larger 40′x40′ square on the field for 30 min. 100 Choreographers: Berit Ahlgren Arlys Alford Gabriel Anderson Nika Ant…
  • Password: Orderup This is the first iteration of a new work. I have joined the movement vocabulary from SOLO/QUARTET and the DJ from 5 dancers and a dj together to begin creating a new duet. Since my retrospective in 2010 I have been lifting  sections directly from my last work to create the next new piece.
  • Password: Orderup 5 dancers and a dj began with a formal grid pattern and the looping of a dance phrase, like a number of my early works. The dance is performed alongside a DJ, who happens to be playing (at his discretion) and listening to music on CDs. I am interested in how the repeating of the gestures allows us to see the movement and the performer differently each time, how it pulls out the individual ways of moving of each performer and how the music that goes in and out creates silence an…
  • Emily Gastineau updated the Artwork 1. SOLO/QUARTET
    Password: Orderup The original solo of SOLO/QUARTET was created from bits and pieces of choreography and images of my past work gathered while making my retrospective, "Who made these video tapes?" Originally this solo was performed with the installation. SOLO/QUARTET is performed within a square of tape on the floor. I am referring to the square rug that I first choreographed the dance on in my living room, as well as the frame of the video monitors from my video work, and the frame of my visua…
  • Emily Gastineau updated the Artwork Trio/Costumes
    Sally Rousse, Kristin Van Loon, Joanna Furnans and Laurie Van Wieren rehearsing for Sean Smuda Trio.  
  • "like a movie i saw once" Ritz Theater- 2008 "like a movie i saw once" Bryant Lake Bowl Theater- 2009 Inspired by the stage, being on the stage or wanting to be on the stage. “like a movie I saw once”- There is a dancer  who moves to New York and her replacement, an opera singer,  a dancer who is obsessed with documenting everything around her, a debutante escaping a cotillion, an accordion player  who breaks into a dance audition and a choreographer who can't stop talking. First seen April…
  • [b]Who Made These Videotapes? by Laurie Van Wieren [/b]An investigation of 30 years of dance in Minnesota. “When talking about their lives, people lie sometimes, forget a lot, exaggerate, become confused, and get things wrong. Yet they are revealing truths. These truths don’t reveal the past ‘as it actually was,’ aspiring to a standard of objectivity. They give us instead the truths of our experiences” (Devault). [b][i]5 Dancers and a DJ[/i][/b] Performers: [b]Judith Howard, Tom Carlso…