painted piano
cut-out plastic tarp
8.5 feet diameter


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  • There are more than 100 skulls in this doily. If one generation is twenty years, then this doily represents more than 2000 years of ancestors. Since all the lives of my maternal ancestors are living within my body, I created this artwork to show respect and gratitude to them. The work extends beyond its physical presence, as the shadow creates another doily on the floor and wall.
  • Mayumi Amada updated the Artwork Play to Pray
    Normal 0 0 1 80 461 3 1 566 11.1539 0 0 0 The earthquake and Tsunami happened in Japan on March 11th 2011, and in their aftermath, the radiation leak. This piano was made to encourage people who were affected by the disaster and give hope, as well as to pray for the people who lost their lives. When the piano was placed outside in DT St. Paul for two months, many people in the community played it to symbolically remember the people who were affected by the disaster. Keys …