plastic eggs, metal cage, fleece, paper
W4' x D5' x H2'
#digital #photography
Oil on Canvas Board
printed paper archive construction, binders board


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  • mtkages, mbc posted a new Artwork Temples of Light
    Temples of Light by Mary Britton Clouse © 2018 Published by Chicken Run Rescue Lunaris was so sick when she came to us that her ravaged immune system left her unable to grow feathers. Animals don’t enjoy wearing anything but what nature intended but Lunaris has no feathers to keep her warm. Custom designed and hand sewn garments were made that are comfortable and do the job they need to do for her. Light is her passion. She sings a plaintive trill to communicate that she needs a door opened…
  • In my conceptual art, I document the mechanisms of denial through the actions of unknowing participants and the machinery of bureaucracies. Real events are transformed into visual art constructions which are then used to influence real events. In this instance, I spent several years pursuing public records regarding the starvation death of 70 dairy cows in Scott County. I chronicled the case as it progressed through the courts, and corresponded with law enforcement and judges as I attempted to o…
  • mtkages, mbc updated the Artwork River's Edge
    A dream about the west edge of the Mississippi at Plymouth Ave after all the political capital has been spent.