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  •                   Moral Fiber? Wait a Cotton Picking Minute This work is about the dark history of slavery and the history of cotton. The innocent child parades around in a pretty Cotton Fashion Ball Gown. The image of the plantation across her bossism gets at the significant part.  She is a part of the Gentry, the 1%.  Her father, ‘Cotton King’ made his fortune off the slave labor picking his cotton. The pattern on the Childs dress is of slave children picking cotton. These…
  • [b] On the Rag, a part of ‘Cotton the Fabric for most of Her Life’[/b] Cotton has been a fabric in the everyday lives of women. Modern women use sanitary napkins and tampax products during menstruation. Our Grandmothers and female ancestors used cotton rags during menstruation. This work emphases’ the enormous amount of sanitary products women will use in her lifetime. The artwork is divided into colors. Each color represents one decade, going from 15 years old - 55 years old. Looking old,…