Bone Wood and steel
Bone, wood and steel
6 ft x 4ft x 2 ft
Bronze Casted
12 ft x 4 ft x 3.5 ft
Printable in a variety of sizes


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  • The further adventures of Francene Abigail Clover, the woman who discovered and quaried the fossil exhibited at The St Paul Union Depot.
  • This is an Open House/ Fundraiser to help me pay the back rent for my studio in Lowertown. My wife Gail passed away in 2016 after having been diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013.  We were often unable to pay the studio rent and now I must raise the funds or vacate the space. Over the last 12 years, thousands of visitors have come through for a Paleo-Osteoplogical Interpretation experience which encourages each one to exercise their own imaginations as they realize that the skeletal forms that …
  • The poster went through some wonderful evolution to arrive at this fully adapted form.  Collaborators: Chris, Andy and Dennis.
  • The poster went through some wonderful evolution to arrive at this fully adapted form.
  • Osgood Laboratories 30282 Garcia Parkway Palo Alto, CA 94306 November 18, 2013 Professor, Through biochemical/mass spectrometer analysis, it has been determined that your specimen (FMC992/Clover 1896) is indeed Ferrahippus Motivus Nebulae (male). The crest and funnel emerging from the skull were comprised in part of a network of paper-thin bones serving as struts supporting a membrane. As you are certainly aware, the Prentiss gland in th…
  • In 2006, as excavation began for the renovation of the St. Paul Union depot, a wooden crate containing this fossil was found in a small, subterranean, cave-like room. The intended purpose of this room is uncertain, as it does not appear in original or subsequent architectural plans. A telegram, dated 1907, found in the crate states, "Am sending fossil that may be of interest. Met with F. Clover who reports finding it in 1896. Age of stone: 20 millions of years." During the late 19th Century, the…
  • A Dream of The Great Northern Railway was permanently installed in the St. Paul Union Depot in January 2014.
  • [b]St. Paul Artist to Create Unique Sculpture/Bike Rack[/b] [b]Artist Studio is Open to the Public During Art Crawl[/b] Artist Michael Bahl will produce a landmark sculpture for the bicycle community of St. Paul, with new funding from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. His project is to create the bronze skeleton of a large imaginary mammal resting on its elbows in repose. The skeleton's ribcage will function as a bike rack. A bony crest on the dome of its skull will suggest the form o…
  • Hear Michael on National Public Radio's Studio 360. On the right-hand side of this page click "Information". Then click the hyperlink to the right under [u]Artist's Website[/u] Scroll down to "Mr. Bahl's Studio of Wonder".
  • Discovered in 1887 by Harold Vanselow, a maverick dinosaur hunter and at one time a member of the Othniel Charles Marsh team from the Yale Peabody Museum, this Chalacothere was named appropriately enough after the Laurentian Divide in Northern Minnesota where tributaies of the St. Lawrence River divide and flow in two directions. Dating from the Miocene era, the bones of these creatures retain the rich, deep color of the Iron Range where they once roamed in large herds. The purpose of the male's…