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Five shows over 5 months featuring at least 5 Native American artists at each show
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  • Why are we doing RavingNative DateNight? to showcase Native talent - to give Native folks a chance to perform on stage to a predominately Native audience - for Native folks to bravely try new work in new ways - to celebrate our beauty and talent - to laugh - to say 'awe, man, that was good'.... to give young people with a dream a place to show their talent... to give old folks a place to continue to dream... art is healing, art is healing, art is healing
  • Marcie Rendon updated the Artwork Pow Wow Summer
    By: Marcie R. Rendon with photographs by Cheryl Walsh Bellville Format: Paper, 48 pp., 8 1/2 x 8 1/2, 55 color photos, author's notes Publisher: MHS Press (September 2013) Usually ships in: 1 to 3 business days ISBN: 9780873519106 A Family Celebrates the Circle of Life Travel the powwow trail with an Anishinaabe family, the Downwinds of Red Lake, as they gather with relatives and friends to lift up the traditions of their people through ceremonies and dance
  • An unidentified dead body. A young woman with special seeing powers. A dangerous game of hide and seek. This murder mystery, debut novel, introduces us to Cash, a tough-as-nails, smarter-than-your-average nineteen year old. When a body is found in a local field and law enforcement needs help identifying the victim, she starts dreaming about the dead man's house and family. She has that kind of power.