Acrylic, water color pencil and moss
Painting is 12"x24" with frame its 18"x30"
Acrylic Paint, permanent marker, Original Mail Art Cuttings
16 x 24 Inches
Copper enamel and wood
Copper Enamel Lure
abstract acrylic painting on canvas
24" x 36"
Wood, paint, metal Automata
14' wide X 12" high X 4" deep
& acrylic on canvas
16 x 20 inches
Wood, Metal, paint and wires automata
20 inches wide, 18 inches high, 4 inches deep
Metal, Wire and Fishing Gear Mobile
25 inches wide and 20 inches tall
Metal, driftwood, Wire and Fishing Gear
18" Wide and 16" high


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  • This is a collage from just a few art pieces I collected over 40 years of sharing Mail Art across the world. Some Mail Art predates exchanges that took place before the Berlin Wall was taken down.  Various stamps and art I received were cut and pasted along with the two fish and nets I hand painted.
  • This is a mobile that reflects my personal view on how poluted our waters have become,  It important to clean our lakes and streams.
  • Nancy Lee Johnson updated the Artwork Fish and Whale
    The automata has various working mechanisims that either twist or pull up and down.
  • An Automata made to recognize known artists.  I put myself in one of Van Gogh's paintings (catching fish).
  • NLJ FishArts updated the Artwork Fox On Crow
    One painting of the rhyme painting series.  Everything rhymea except one word.  The Crow is a river in Minnesota that feeds the Mississippi.  All the rhyme paintings have water and animals with human characteristics like those in fables
  • NLJ FishArts updated the Artwork Birch Lure
    A 15 inch copper enameled lure mounted on handpainted plaque.  Can be functional and decorative. 
  • A 13 inch copper enameled lure that is functional and fishable. It was made for the Rogneby Family Reunion held in Hayward Wisconsin - in honor of all the great Rogneby fishermen!