7:00 pm


Walker Art Center

725 Vineland Place


Artists discuss networks, relational databases, real communities, and Like culture through day-to-day interactions and big-picture theories.

Beginning in January 2015, Mn Artists introduces a new series of programs geared toward taking some of our cultural scene’s most intriguing, hot-button conversations offline and in-person.

Comments Section programs will feature open and informal discussions-in-the-round to encourage debate and conversation in response to current issues, topical prompts, and community reactions. It’s an opportunity for comment threads to go live: all voices are welcome.

7 pm, Walker Art Center Art Lab

This event features artist and creative thinker Alyson Coward, social media mobilizer Jamie Millard, and open source coder and data visualist Alan Palazzolo. 

Moderated by Jehra Patrick

MN Artists