Mar19 to Mar23


9:00 am




Learn the art of Alla Prima Portraiture!

This intense workshop is designed for busy artists who want to progress quickly or strengthen their core competencies. Register now to save your seat!

“Alla Prima Portrait Foundations”     $650
5-Day Workshop: March 19 – 23
Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

This workshop focuses on the foundational skills that lead to successful Alla Prima painting and features demonstrations with ample hands-on student work. This workshop is appropriate for portrait painters of all levels. 

Day 1: Geometry and Construction of the Face
Day 2: Learning to Paint a Tonal Underpainting
Day 3: Light and Shadow Studies/Color Mixing
Day 4: Alla Prima Demo and Student Work
Day 5: Hands-on Student Work

Registration required by March 5th. Contact Suzann for a registration form. [email protected]

Recent Testimonial:  Suzann is an excellent instructor!  She makes portrait art approachable and understandable.  Suddenly, it’s not so intimidating anymore!  Very, very informative and her sense of humor makes it fun!  — S.M



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